Healthy-ish Mix and Match Meal Prep: Week One Available for Purchase!


By POPULAR demand, I have turned my HEALTHY-ISH MIX AND MATCH MEAL PREP class that I taught this past Sunday into a downloadable, purchasable document!

I am so inspired and invigorated by this project, and honestly I’m freaking over the moon excited to share it with you. I’ve always understood the concept of meal prepping, but typically, meal preppers prepare one or two big batches of food, batch it out into servings, then pop a tupperware in the microwave and eat the same thing all week. To me, this is ripping the joy RIGHT OUT OF EATING, and if you can’t enjoy eating, WTF are you even doing?!

Thai Turkey Kale Salad

Thai Turkey Kale Salad

So I came up with a new plan. One where we cook several different components (meats, bases, veggies, sauces!) and then we mix and match them together into SIX totally unique meals that feed TWO people each. Want to double it for your family? Easy, lots of people have done so successfully!

Week one has a strong Asian theme to it. Southeast Asian flavors are some of the flavors I am most drawn to and can eat over and over again, so I started there. Plus, if I was going to make you buy miso to use 1 tablespoon of it in a recipe, I wanted to come up with another place to use it, too.

I taught this meal prep session LIVE on August 9th, so stay tuned for the next LIVE meal prep class. But in the meantime, you will gain access to the class recording by purchasing the Week 1 Meal Prep Plan below!

Healthy-ish Mix and Match Meal Prep: Week 1 30.00

What to expect from this meal plan:

  • A weeklong meal prep plan that includes SIX meals for TWO people.
  • A recording of the LIVE class where Caroline taught this entire meal plan. Follow along, pause, fast forward, etc!
  • A detailed grocery list, broken out by section.
  • A detailed “game plan” that makes the prep for this meal plan as efficient as possible. Plan for 2 to 2.5 hours at the beginning of the week, then assemble each meal in 5 to 10 minutes max.
  • This week 1 meal plan has Asian-inspired flavors throughout, such as Caroline’s “best ever peanut sauce”, miso carrot dressing, and Curry Turkey Crumbles.

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