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2023 gift guides are HEREEE!!! I have a penchant for gifting things that are practical, but special. Salt — but make it a gourmet flaky salt. Salad servers — but make them cute wooden flower guys. A tee shirt — but make it quite literally the most perfect tee shirt ever. A sweatsuit — but it’s actually flattering and the softest ever.

Here you’ll find a lot of that — practical but special. Even the kids are getting freakin’ headlamps for Christmas this year.

I hope you find something for the people you love!

You’ll find:

  • Gifts for the chef in your life
  • Chic gifts for chic ladies
  • Gifts for the exercise queens
  • Foodie gifts
  • Cozy gifts
  • Gifts for the guys

Happy holidays!

xoxo Caro

*Some of the brands featured have partnered with me on this content, but only because I put them on here and then thought hell, I should see if I can get paid for that. My love for these products is genuine!

  1. Madein Nakiri Knife. A nakiri knife is an excellent gift because it’s not a super common knife, but it’s a wonderful one for someone who cooks a lot to own. It’s a Japanese vegetable cleaver, perfect for cutting through dense vegetables. Code “CARO” can sometimes save ya depending on what sales they have going on at the time!
  2. Queen Ina Tee. No explanation needed. 
  3. New Nonstick Pans. Everyone way outwears their nonsticks (they’re only good for 2-5 years or so, depending on how much you cook!), and new ones are such a game changer.
  4. What To Cook. A subscription to What To Cook When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking, my weekly recipe subscription for people who love to eat good food, but don’t have time to cook it. What to Cook takes the guesswork out of mealtime. Beautiful meals to be proud of, in under an hour. Each recipe is a one-stop shop: a complete meal. You can schedule the first email to arrive whenever you want, and print out a gift card to wrap up here.
  5. Jacobsen Salt. I talk a lot about “flaky salt” — aka the salt that you sprinkle on at the end to finish the dish. This is my favorite flaky AKA finishing salt. It’s elite. I used to be a Maldon flaky salt girl, but I’ve been converted. This one is softer, crumbles easier, it’s just better.
  6. Big Ass Salad Bowl from Made In. This is the salad bowl I use in 99% of my salad videos! It is the BEST. It’s freaking massive and amazing. I use it both for eating massive individual salads, and for serving salad as a side for 4 to 6 people. 
  7. Recipe Binder. For the friend who still loves to print out recipes! This is so cute — a recipe binder designed to look like Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. If you have a What to Cook fan in your life, how thoughtful would it be to print out their fave recipes and add it to them before you wrap it up!
  8. Glass Containers. One year our babysitter gave me a brand new set of Tupperware containers for Christmas and I’ve never felt so seen. I didn’t need more crap, I needed a fresh matching set of containers! Such a great, practical gift.
  9. Glass Set. These glasses are so charming.
  10. Salad Servers. How CUTE ARE THESE? As someone who frequently brings a salad over to her friends’ houses when they invite me for dinner, I can vouch that no one ever has enough serving spoons / tongs / salad servers!
  1. Merit Lipstick. I adore this nourishing, color-staying lipstick from MERIT. Cabo is my “everyday red” and Baby is my “I just want my lips to be lip-colored, why did they turn beige in my 30s” color. Side note: if you want to do some shopping for yourself, their five minute morning set is basically the only makeup I use anymore.
  2. Embossed Stationery. I love a blind embossed notecard! So chic. Great price from this Etsy shop!
  3. Bombas Ruffle Socks. I am obsessed with these socks. I wear them with loafers, sneaks, etc. and I think the pop of color peeking out from under the hem of my jeans is so fun. I also love this sparkly pair
  4. Fake Hermes Apple Watch Band. I bought this watchband a year ago, never take it off when I’m exercising, bathing or swimming, and it’s still in excellent condition. My girlfriend has the real Hermes version and they are identical.
  5. Paper White Kindle. I love a physical book just as much as the next gal, but it’s so satisfying to finish a book and immediately start scrolling to find my next one. Highly recommend getting them a couple months of a Kindle Unlimited Subscription, too!
  6. Not Smut Kindle Cover. And you obviously need this case for your new kindle.
  7. Gold Paperclip Necklace. I bought this necklace after hunting around the internet for a looong time for the best price. I’ve worn it for about 6 months now and it’s A+ quality at a low (for gold!) price. Code for 10% off: INFP-CAROCHAMBERS10
  8. Perfect White Tee. Three of my girlfriends separately told me to get this tee before I finally made the plunge. It’s…perfect. It’s all I ever want to wear.
  9. Lady Dish. For the friend who has everything… do they have this naked lady ring dish? No they do not. Would be an especially cute gift for a newly engaged / married friend!
  1. Raesyn Sneaks. My all-time favorite walking shoes. I was a Hoka gal until I discovered these. I walk a LOT and these have made me speedier and I have no joint pain! Code “CARO10”.
  2. Bombas Socks. The all time best workout socks. They compress your foot in the most perfect way. I know, socks for Christmas?! But yes, socks for Christmas. No one will be bummed to receive a fresh pair of fancy socks.
  3. Salutation Leggings. It’s impossible to describe how perfect these leggings are. They’re not for running, but they’re great for everything else. The pockets are crucial. And they make your ass look amazing!
  4. Ascent Top. The perfect winter workout top for when a full jacket is too much, but a t-shirt ain’t gonna cut it. Yes, I realize I live in California and in most parts of the country you definitely have to wear jackets in the winter. But you still need this top. 
  5. Apple Watch. My Apple Watch really helps me stick to my health goals and stay accountable. It automatically ties in with Peloton, if you’re a Peloton gal!
  6. Apple Watch Hermes Band. This watch band is a gorgeous and far, far less expensive Hermes lookalike. 
  7. Peloton Bike Shorts. Speaking of Peloton… I own these bike shorts (well, not with the Peloton logo on them) and like wearing them with an oversized hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt to run errands, etc. 
  8. Weights. I used to reserve weight lifting for days when I could get to the gym, and then I realized how dumb that was when I could just buy a couple pairs for less than $100. Now I weight train 3-4 times a week from home (using the Peloton app for strength classes). 
  9. Workout Top. One of my fave workout tops is only $20 from Amazon! 
  10. Hoodie. The greatest workout hoodie — it’s perfectly cropped to wear with high waisted leggings. Looks exactly like a certain viral hoodie from a brand that rhymes with booboo…
  11. Team Gear. This Etsy shop has the cutest vintage-inspired college team gear. I want this UNC crew neck and this Alabama one is so good. Check out the shop — they have so many teams.
  12. Owala water bottle. The greatest water bottle of all time. You can chug through the hole or sip through the straw, depending on your mood! Totally leakproof, for real.
  1. Kosterina Olive Oil. Absolutely everything Kosterina makes is gold, but their original EVOO is my go-to for gifting. I love that this pack comes with a gift bag to make our lives easier. Don’t forget to buy a few for yourself! Code “CARO” for 15% off
  2. Red Clay Hot Sauce. Gift the entire box to a really special hostess, or bring individual bottles with a bow on them instead of showing up with yet another boring bottle of wine. 
  3. Christina Dickson Napkins. My interior designer introduced me to this NC-based textiles company. Gorgeous napkins, tablecloths, pareos, and baby blankets at a really great price point (napkins can be insanely pricy!). Get a few pairs and wrap them up so that you always have an easy hostess gift to grab and run out the door. Code “CARO15” for a discount!
  4. Spiceology. These spice blends are freaking amazing, and make it so quick and easy to pull off a delicious meal.
  5. Cheerie Lane Popcorn. This cute small biz has the cutest branding and the flavors are all so good!
  6. Potholders. Everyone always needs new potholders, and these are so cute and such a good price! A great unique hostess gift. 
  7. Linen Tablecloth. Can’t go wrong with a classic linen tablecloth. Everyone needs one, no one wants to buy it for themselves!
  8. Chocolate Mice. My uncle lives in the New Hampshire town famous for LA Burdick Chocolate and for Christmas he always sent a box of chocolate mice. Sitting around the dinner table during the holidays, passing around a box of chocolate mice to slowly (because they are so precious!) enjoy is one of my favorite holiday memories. 
  1. Lumineaux. OK hear me out… this counts as a cozy gift because now that I have a big bathtub, I like to do my white strips in the bath! These are the all-time best whitening strips ever, all-natural and zero teeth sensitivity! Use my link to get 20% off the 7 pack Whitening Strips today by simply checking the Coupon Box under the price!
  2. Tommy John Hoodie & Jogger Set. I adore this set so much that I have it in two colors!
  3. Tata Harper Clarifying Mask. What’s cozier than throwing on a hoodie and doing a mask in bed? This is my all-time fave mask.
  4. Lake Pajamas. The coziest jams in the cutest styles! I love this set but poke around the site — there are so many good ones.
  5. Coyuchi Blanket. Someone gifted me this blanket recently and it looks so chic draped over the couch but is also SO COZY.
  6. The Great Hoodie. I am obsessed with this hoodie — I wear it to the gym with leggings, or mullet-tucked into jeans. It’s one of those hard to describe why it’s so good pieces — it’s just perfect.
  7. Puffer. One of my girlfriends has this viral Amazon puffy jacket and is obsessed!
  8. Glerups. The world’s comfiest slipper. George and I both wear them religiously during the chilly months. And they last forever — ours are 5 years old! 
  9. Velaris Sweatshirt. Every ACOTAR girl needs it. Also love this one.
  1. Their Own Knife! My kids both love “cooking with mom” AKA chopping up the random carrot I hand them and tell them I need help with. 
  2. Kid Scissors. Every time a teacher or OT/PT sees my kids cutting up paper (one of their fave pastimes) on Instagram, they’re like “GOOD JOB, NO ONE LETS THEIR KIDS USE SCISSORS AND IT’S SO IMPORTANT! I did not know this, I just knew it keeps them occupied for a long time. Win-win! 
  3. Barn. This barn has kept all of my babies entertained for so many hours. They love pulling the animals in and out, closing and opening the doors, every kid loves it! My kids played with this until around age 2 1/2.
  4. Coloring House. My sister-in-law gets these for her daughter and she has such a blast with them. Basically a life-sized coloring book! Poke around their Amazon shop — they have tons of different options like a castle, barn, dinosaur scene… Great for ages 2+.
  5. TonieBox. My kids LOVE THEIR TONIES! Get them a “starter set” plus Tonies of a few characters they love (Elsa, Paw Patrol, etc). My kids started loving these around age 2. Try code 20CHAMBERS on orders over $100.
  6. Dino Eggs. I have purchased these 9x according to my Amazon. My kids are obsessed! I don’t soak them in water, I just make them chisel away at them, and it takes a solid 20-30 mins. Warning that they leave dust everywhere, def an outside toy!
  7. Cozy Set. My boys are obsessed with matching sweat sets! Which I understand — they’re basically wearing pajamas to school. 
  8. Headlamp. I realize how random this seems, but in the darker months especially, my kids get such a kick out of running around outside in the dark with headlamps on! Seriously, headlamps are one of their top ten toys. 
  9. Dino Toy. I posted on Instagram about this toy recently and got like 50 messages from people saying it’s the best toy ever, and many said their kids still play with it years later. I’m pumped to give it to my boys, and I got extra for the birthday present gift closet. 
  1. Packing Cubes. If the men in your life are as atrocious as packing as my dad and husband… get them these packing cubes immediately.
  2. Hoodie Puff. A sleek new hoodie, because it’s time for them to move on from the North Face they got their senior year of high school. 
  3. Skincare. George is a Huron diehard, he uses their shampoo, conditioner and body wash too, and I fill his stocking with a new eye stick every Christmas. 
  4. Dopp Kit. These monogrammed dopp kits so handsome. Not just for toiletries — the smaller sizes are great for organizing their carry-on, etc.
  5. Alex Mill Jacket. This men’s brand is sophisticated while still being young and fun. I got George this jacket for his birthday and I (and he) absolutely love it. 
  6. Shirt. This shirt is hot. Or, ya know, handsome if you’re buying it for your dad/brother. 
  7. Good Luggage. Good, sleek luggage is people’s first impression of you when you enter a new place! We’ve been Away guys for years and years. I’ve also heard great things about this brand which is about 5x less expensive.
  8. Theragun. Whether they’re achy because they work out too hard or achy because they’re old, this mini Theragun massager is a gift that all men (and women!!) will love. 
  9. Toolkit. Ok this is such a stereotypical dude gift but hear me out — if your dad/husband/brothers tool situation is a complete mess, or maybe they’re a new homeowner, how incredible is this perfectly organized tool kit! Obviously fantastic for a female too.
  10. Tushy. I have multiple guy friends who are absolutely obsessed with this easily installable bidet… I’ve also heard that it’s incredible for postpartum undercarriage maintenance, FYI.
  11. Ember Mug. This is the coolest — a mug that keeps your coffee hot for hours! I had one for years and lost it in our move… I got George one for Christmas this year. 
  12. Universal Charging Cord. This one charging cord has replaced the tangle of five different ones that used to crowd every outlet in our home. You can charge all of your devices using this. 
  13. Embossed Stationery. Throwing this affordable embossed stationery on the guys’ gift guide too, since George owns this exact set! 

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