Mexican Nacho Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Fries


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When George was in SEAL training in San Diego, I’d fly out to visit him for the weekend and see him for a couple of hours the entire trip – if I was lucky. Training would end really late on a Friday night, and we’d head to the only place that was open for a “date night” – the beer bar closest to his apartment downtown. We always ordered the same thing – fries loaded up with carnitas and all of the other nacho fixings. George would usually pass out from exhaustion about 30 minutes into this romantic “date”, and I’d slip into a french-fry-nacho coma minutes later. Oh, to be young!

This recipe is a lightened up, but still absolutely delicious, version of those nachos we used to order. Instead of frying white potatoes, I bake sweet potatoes for my sweet potato fry base. A simple ground beef taco inspired beef mixture gets cooked up while the sweet potatoes are in the oven, then everything gets topped off with salsa, avocado, and all of your favorite fixin’s.

Need a healthy-ish spin on a super-craveable (I’m still talking about it eight years later…) indulgent meal? Look no further.

Find the full recipe on The Epoch Times.

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