My Top Ten Essential Kitchen Tools


Here it is at long last! My TOP TEN ESSENTIAL KITCHEN TOOLS! Whether you’re stocking a new newlywed kitchen or are just starting to love to cook and are looking for the right tools to take you to the next level, I’ve got you covered!

  1. Vitamix Professional Series 750: I use my Vitamix every single day, several times a day. Salad dressings! Pesto! Smoothies! Dips! Pureed soups! There’s nothing it can’t do! I have owned mine for 7+ years (including using it for my catering business for 2 years) and it shows no signs of wear! Full discloser, this puppy is obscenely expensive! I think I returned about 20 gifts to be able to get it off of my wedding registry way back when!
  2. Enamel Cast Iron Skillets: if I’m cooking meat indoors, or making a one-skillet meal or dessert, I’m using a cast iron. I love my 10-inch from Staub for cooking for two, but I have a new 12-inch from Smithey Ironworks that I love when I’m cooking larger quantities.
  3. Analon Non-Stick Skillets: I did a lot of research to find the best nonstick, non-toxic pans, and landed on these guys. I absolutely love them, they have zero scratches after 6 months of use, and are very nonstick indeed!
  4. Silicone spatulas: I use these for cooking in skillets and pots, as well as for baking – scraping batters out of bowls, etc. I’ve had these for 7 years and they’re in great condition!
  5. Silicone tongs: I have a long pair for grilling, and several shorter pairs for indoor cooking! I can’t find the long ones with silicone tips that I own, but these look great too!
  6. Fish spatula: if you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love my fish spatula. It’s skinny, it’s flexible, it’s the best spatula around. Not just for fish!
  7. ThermoPro Meat Thermometer: You ain’t a wizard, how are you supposed to know when you’re meat is perfectly cooked without a thermometer?? Get a freaking meat thermometer! This one’s the best.
  8. Microplane: I grate garlic, cheese, lemon zest, ginger! I use it every single day.
  9. Global Knives: you need a chef’s knife, and a paring knife. That’s it. Everything else are just wants! This set is a STEAL!
  10. Le Creuset 3 1/2 Quart Braiser: this is my new favorite pot/pan/cooking vessel right now! I love it more than my Dutch oven! It is great for risottos, pasta, one-pot meals, rice, EVERYTHING! If you want my white with a gold knob version, it’s available exclusively at Zola!

And remember, Just Married has a FULL WEDDING REGISTRY (aka all the tools you need to complete your kitchen, beyond just these top ten!) at the beginning. Snag my book to find everything you need to stock your kitchen!

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