2021 Holiday Gift Guides!


I have been hoarding Christmas presents for months now, and I’m so pumped to share these ideas with you!

Some brands have sponsored inclusion in this guide, and I also may earn an affiliate commission on some of the purchases you make (at no cost to you). 


  1. KitchenAid Mixer: I don’t bake often, but when I do, I need my KitchenAid mixer. 
  2. Cuisinart Food Processor: This is the classic food processor model and it is perfect. Don’t try to get anything fancier or a newer model — you want this one!
  3. Vitamix Blender: Yes, it’s obscenely expensive. Yes, it’s worth it. I’ve used mine multiple times a day since I got it as a wedding present in 2012 and she’s still going strong.
  4. Le Creuset 3 ½ Quart Braiser: I love this pot. You see me using it on Instagram all the time. You can use it as a cast iron skillet, but it has high sides so it’s also perfect for one-pot meals. 
  5. Smithey Ironworks Cast Iron Skillet: These cast iron skillets are made in the USA and are so, so beautiful. They’re deep enough to make a one-pot meal in, and they look beautiful sitting out on your stovetop.
  6. A Beautiful Set of Steak Knives: George and I have a beautiful pair of horn steak knives that were his grandfathers. It’s so fun to have a conversation piece to pull out for dinner parties. 
  7. Boos Block: A gigantic wooden cutting board that is beautiful and functional. Mine sits out on my counter top at all times. 
  8. Heath Ceramics Platter: I love this simple ceramic platter and have gifted it many, many times. 
  9. My Favorite Grill: If someone gave me a grill for Christmas I’d never forget it. I’m imagining this being wrapped up outside with a massive bow, a la a cheesy car commercial. 


  1. Kosterina Olive Oil: THE MOST DELICIOUS OLIVE OIL, in the most beautiful bottle. Use CAROLINE15 for 15% off.
  2. Levain Cookies: The greatest cookies of all time, from a New York City bakery, are now available NATIONWIDE! The packaging is so incredibly charming making this SUCH A FUN gift to receive! Use this link or code CAROCHAMBERS for free shipping nationwide!
  3. Red Clay Hot Sauce and Hot Honey: Truly the most delicious, interesting hot sauces and hot honeys from a Charleston, SC company. Again, their packaging is just so perfect that it makes this a really special gift. Use CAROLINE25 for 25% off.
  4. Low Country Oysters: This is the coolest present ever. Schedule them to arrive when the recipient has company in town for a really special holiday evening in. Or, if you’re staying as a guest at someone else’s home during the holiday, schedule these to arrive the day you get there as a house gift!
  5. Drawer Knife Organizer: I am on a never-ending quest to make people stop buying giant knife blocks. Buy only the ones you actually need and store them in a drawer!
  6. Nonstick Skillets: I am a BIG believer in buying inexpensive, high-quality nonstick skillets, and replacing them as needed. I use mine constantly, and I replace them about every two years. I’ve owned the really expensive brands, and they need to be replaced just as often. Can you tell I love a practical gift? Tramontina and Anolon are two of my favorite brands.
  7. Japanese Butter Knife: this isn’t a regular butter knife, it’s a cool butter knife. No, seriously. A knife that helps you spread even ice-cold butter perfectly. An amazing gift for the toast lover in your life. If this seems random, that’s because it is, but sometimes random is the best gift.
  8. The Best Grits Ever: My friend Kara send us 10 pounds of Anson Mills grits as a baby present for Calum. I legitimately squealed with delight. These are the best grits that money can buy. An especially great gift for a Southerner who is no longer living in the south and doesn’t have access to decent grits.
  9. Butcher Box: You can sign someone up for a subscription, or a one-time gift. There are so many fun gift options. I love a good practical present, and this is exactly that.  
  10. Cookbooks! These are a few of my favorite tried and true cookbooks. I’ve owned them all for YEARS and have cooked from them endlessly.
    1. What To Cook When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking: a subscription to my newsletter! Every Sunday morning I send one new recipe that is a complete dinner, takes under an hour, and is simple and straightforward. You can print out a gift certificate HERE to wrap up, and they’ll receive an email informing them about their subscription gift on whichever day you set it to be delivered!
    2. MY Cookbook – Just Married: The perfect cookbook for anyone cooking for two (not just newlyweds). I know a lot of families with small kids who don’t eat a lot love cooking from Just Married, too! 
    3. Jerusalem by Ottolenghi: a fantastic middle eastern cookbook for the adventurous cook who wants to explore new flavors. 
    4. Dinner by Melissa Clarke: all dinner recipes, some classic, some adventurous. I love this cookbook!
    5. Home Cooking by Jean Georges: simple home cooking recipes by one of the world’s greatest chefs!
  11. Beautiful Apron: How pretty is this apron from a Black-owned business in Harlem!


  1. LeahJessica Diamond Necklace: Every gal deserves a beautiful, simple diamond necklace. This one is timeless and beyond beautiful. 
  2. The Coziest Cashmere Sweater: I got this sweater for last Christmas and have worn it approximately 365 times. It is the greatest. 
  3. Microdermabrasian Wand: I am OBSESSED with this thing. Like getting a facial at home! clicking this link will apply a MEGA DISCOUNT, no code needed!
  4. Anne Ewen Framed Prints: One of my fave artists sells beautifully framed prints of her paintings at a really affordable price point. 
  5. Lake Pajamas: The comfiest pajamas in the entire world. These are expensive but we spend half of our lives in bed… I am a big advocate of splurging on jams
  6. Haldi Gift Card: I am obsessed with this skin care company. You take a quiz and they create a custom skin care routine using tons of different brands to make it perfect for your individual skin type. My skin has never looked better! 
  7. Coyuchi Waffle Robe: I do not like fluffy robes or towels. I like waffle-y things. And this is the greatest waffle robe ever. I have it in grey because I cook in my robe like a savage, and a white robe with pasta sauce stains is not cute.
  8. DryBar Blowdryer Brush: This puppy helps me go from scraggly haired mom beast to decent looking human being in about 5 minutes flat. I love it. 


  1. Athleta Uptempo Tank: The greatest workout tank ever. 
  2. Athleta Salutation Leggings: And the greatest leggings ever. They suck ya in, and have POCKETS. I used to be a Lulu Align devotee, but these changed everything.
  3. My Favorite Chef’s Knife: My favorite knife ever. I own several, which makes absolutely no sense since I can only use one at a time. It’s just that great.
  4. STUDS: I have like 10 pairs of huggies (the tiny hoops) from STUDS and I rotate them constantly. I LOVE THEM and I can sleep in them since there’s no post sticking me! Use code CARO20, for 20% off until December 31, 2021
  5. Earpods: Honestly these are an amazing gift for ANYONE. I hugely prefer these to Apple AirPods (they’re much more comfortable!). Even if the person already has a pair of AirPods — these can be their backup!
  6. The Greatest Face Sunscreen: The most important part of a skincare routine!
  7. Makeup Erasers: My cousin introduced me to these and my life has changed for the better. They wipe all makeup away gently and quickly!
  8. Sand Free Beach/Park Blanket: True story — I saw a family using this at the river this summer and chased them down so that I could ask where it was from. It’s amazing for the beach, park, anywhere!


  1. Denim Name Jacket: Personalized gifts are the BEST! I’ve had custom denim jackets for both kids and they’re so freaking cute. My sister got one from this shop for Calum’s birthday. I really like the Varsity and Ryan fonts.
  2. Personalized Onesie: I’ve sent this to a lot of babies, right when they get home from the hospital. It’s so exciting to see your new baby’s name printed on a special outfit!
  3. Personalized Chef’s Jacket: Mattis got a chef’s jacket last Christmas and he LOVES IT. Feels so special in it. Adorable.
  4. Kid’s Cooking Stool: And this is the stool we use so that he can cook with me!
  5. Initial Sweatshirt: A really freaking cute and cozy personalized sweatshirt. Use code CAROLINE15 for 15% off. Be sure to order by 12/3 to guarantee it arrives on time. 
  6. Dinosaur Bath Bombs: Mattis goes absolutely bonkers for these.
  7. Green Toys Trucks: Trucks made from recycled material! Calum and Mattis love zooming these around the house. 
  8. Kid’s Cooking Knife: Mattis loves cooking with me so much! This is a safe “knife” to get them started in the kitchen.
  9. Lovevery Baby Block Set: Calum got this block set for his birthday and both he and Mattis are obsessed with it! 


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies: If you follow me on IG you know how much I FREAKING LOVE THESE. They help regulate your digestive system and… make ya poop. If giving someone the gift of regular poops is wrong, I don’t want to be right. This link will get you $5 off. 
  2. The Prettiest Lip Gloss: Truly the prettiest lip gloss of all time. Looks good on everyone!
  3. Masks from Old Navy: For the practical gift recipient. We all need new masks at this point.
  4. Wet Brush: The best hairbrush ever! Glides through wet hair without pulling hair — I use it on myself and Mattis!
  5. Extra Long Iphone Charger: These 6 foot long chargers are THE BEST. I always travel with them because you never know where the outlet’s going to be, but these always reach across the room!
  6. Travel Toiletry Bottles: For the traveller in your life! Such a great little gift, you always need these when you’re packing and it’s too late to run to the store!
  7. Fish Spatula: My most used kitchen utensil. Not just for fish! A really thin, flexible spatula that is perfect for everything from pancakes to salmon.
  8. Microplane: another kitchen tool that I use constantly! Zesting lemons, grating fine wisps of parm over pasta, etc!

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