Woodbridge Summer Side Dish Contest


I’m so thrilled to be a contestant in the Woodbridge Wine #SummerSideDish Contest! It’s a six-week long contest during which time a new recipe will release every Monday. Fans vote on their favorite recipes and the winner will receive $10k to put towards pursuing their culinary dreams! 

In my case, I will be using that $10k to help promote my upcoming cookbook, Just Married, so I’m especially motivated. I’ll use it to host extra book events, cover travel costs to more locations for book events, and do whatever I can to get the word out about this book I’ve been working so hard on for 2+ years now! 

Woodbridge Summer Side Dish Contest

Each week we have a different theme to fulfill, and this week’s is BACKYARD BBQ. I knew I had to throw something on the grill for this theme, but wanted it to be something that people might not think of on their own. Enter: peaches. The second I agreed to be a part of this contest I knew I wanted to do something involving peaches and burrata together, so I started playing around with those ingredients right away. 

Eventually I landed on this crisp (arugula), warm (peaches and onions), CHEESY (burrata!!), tangy (champagne vinaigrette) summer salad. So often, dinner party salads are an afterthought – a thrown together bowl of romaine, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes – but in the summertime, with the abundance of fresh produce, they really should be the star. And this salad most certainly is that!

Head to the Woodbridge contest site to find this recipe, and to find recipes from the other 5 contestants. And if you get the chance, please VOTE FOR MY RECIPE! 🙂 

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    The arugula peach salad is epic! Thanks for sharing👍👍


    The arugula peach salad is epic! Thanks for sharing👍👍

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